48 hours in Boracay


  • 7:00am – Land in Caitalan from Manila

Quick Tip: We recommend using a service called My Boracay for your transportation to the island of Boracay. It requires two bus trips and a 10 minute boat ride to get to virtually any resort on the island. For $40p/p, you eliminate all this hassle and have a private chauffeur escorting you expeditiously through all three modes of transportation. Total travel time: 30 minutes versus what we’ve seen at 2 hours.

  • 8:00am: Arrive at La Soleil hotel in Boracay, which is in station 2. From here, we had breakfast and headed straight to the beach.


  • 9:00am – Do an island hopping tour. You will be offered this by dozens of ‘beach vendors’ which can sometimes be a nuisance, but negotiate this 3-hour tour / adventure down to 1,000 PHP per person (~$12). From there, you’ll be able to do an entire loop around the island of Boracay, and stop at several locations which include going snorkeling in the open sea where you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish when the guides feed them bread.


Stop 1: Puka Beach

  • You’ll stop at Puka Beach (Yapak Beach) which is perhaps one of the most famously photographed beaches in Boracay. You will be greeted by pure, fine white sand, crystal turquoise water and a quieter atmosphere that is home to fewer tourists. While the number of restaurants here is limited to just a few beach shacks, it’s the perfect place to spend an hour or two in peace.






Stop 2: Boracay West Cove

Boracay West Cove is an exclusive sea walled escape / resort retreat situated on Diniwid Beach. The rooms are etched into the cliff and are quite architecturally stunning as you approach the cove from your boat.


  • 1:00pm – Lunch at D’Talipapa Market, a fresh seafood market in Boracay serving love fish, lobster, crab that you buy and have cooked at one of the neighboring ‘paluto’ restaurants, where they will cook it for you very cheaply, in whatever form you like. We ended up having a lobster and prawn soup dish for two, with vegetables and San Miguel for $50. Make sure you ask for a discount at each vendor as it is busy with tourists.


  • 3:00pm – Afternoon drinks at Coconut Bar. They cut a giant coconut for you, put two straws in it, and add a few shots of whatever run you’d like!


  • 5:30pm – Watch the sunset at The District, which offers a beautiful rooftop lounge featuring am incredible view of the sunset. The drinks are dirt cheap, and they have a happy hour special (as do most bars here at 5pm)


  • 7:00pm – Dinner in district 2. Make sure you make a reservation so you can get a table right on the beach with cushions.

 Quick Tip: At virtually every restaurant you go to in the evening, there will be a series of ‘Fire Show’ dancers that will come around and do a performance, which is always pretty impressive to see. If you are lucky, they’ll come specifically to your table and light fire which is dangerously close to your head!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 10.58.19 AM.png

  • 10:00pmCoco Bar. This bar in district two is famous for their 5-shot challenge (we did not do this), but they also have Jenga, Darts, and Beer Pong in the back. One of the fun bars on the island. Usually any place you go to on a weekend in district 2 will be popular!

Day 2

  • 8:00am: Hop in a pedi-cab at d’mall in Station 2 for 150 PHP and ask him to take you to Diwini Beach for the day. We recommend having brunch at Nami once you arrive. You take an authentic bamboo-constructed elevator to the top floor of the cliffside resort which features the restaurant. We had brunch for under $10 per person, overlooking what we thought was certainly one of the best views in Boracay.  Walk along the cliffside and check out Boracay West Cove. For 500 PHP, you gain access to the private resort, 2 drinks, and snacks, as you observe the cliffside of Boracay. We stop and grabbed  a beach chair and have a mango smoothie at the adjacent Cafe. This is the perfect place to relax for an hour and swim in the gorgeous aqua blue water of Diwini Beach.

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  • 1:00pm – Lunch at Epic seafood restaurant. This bar / lounge area actually turns into quite a popping spot in the evenings (even sells bottle service) but is a perfect place to finish your Boracay adventure. If you grab a table on the couches in the back you will be overlooking the water, beach, and Palm trees swaying in the breeze while you enjoy what we thought to be quite w fantastic lunch menu. For $25 per person (including drinks), hard to go wrong!



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