Buenos Aires

Day 1

  • 9:00am – Arrive from SFO and make the 40 minute drive from EZE airport in Buenos Aires to check into Hotel Fierro in Palermo. This hotel is home to UCO Restaurant, an award-winning restaurant by chef Edward Holloway. The hotel is fantastic, with an exquisite, free daily breakfast and prime location in Palermo, next to virtually all the local nightlife and dozens of restaurants. Not to mention the modern decor of the rooms, wi-fi speed, and perfect heated rooftop pool and sauna. With a helpful staff, this hotel is 5-stars in my book.
  • 12:00pm – Lunch at Brandon in Palermo. $10 per person for a glass of vino tinto, oversized portion of Argentinian beef and sautéed vegetables at what feels to be an upscale experience with excellent decor.
  •  1:00pm – Stroll through the 63-acre Bosques de Palermo. If it’s spring, be sure to check out the Rosedal, or rose garden, where you’ll find manicured lawns and an excellent rose-scented garden. You can rent a peddle-boat and ride through the park’s many canals.
  • 3:00pm – Head to El Centro (or downtown Buenos Aires). Take a cab to Plaza Del Congreso, the impressive neo-classical parliament building in the heart of Buenos Aires. Downtown is beautiful, with European influenced architecture that borders a tree-lined street connecting directly to the Casa Rosada, or the office of Argentina’s President. Make the 15-minute walk from the congress building to the pink palace and enjoy as you look left to right crossing the many alleyways filled with shops, vendors and commercial businesses.
  •  4:30pm – Grab Empanadas de Carne and a Cerveza Quilmes at El Cuartito, an amazing local spot for pizza and empanadas. The restaurant itself features a cool family vibe where you tell them what you want, grab yourself a seat, and pay for whatever you decide to eat at the end, all meanwhile overhearing local conversation.
  •  8:00pm – Dinner at Aramburu. This place is for you if you are craving a French Laundry experience for a 90% discount. We walked in at 8pm and realized we were way too early (despite our reservation!). First seating for dinner in Argentina typically starts between 9-10. They escorted us across the street to Ünder Aramburu, a cool bar you have to walk downstairs to where we were greeted by an exceptional bartender named Eugenio. No menu, or specials, simply tell him what you drink and he makes you an epic cocktail. We had a blackberry spritz there before beginning our 18-course food and wine pairing. No need to describe this in detail other than the most exceptional dining experience we’ve had to date.
  •  11:00pm – Head to Florería Atlántico. You walk into what feels like a fantastic flower shop and are guided downstairs by a ‘florist’ to a unique cocktail bar that is bustling with locals and internationals. They feature a full dining menu but we went for the drinks, which needless to say were strong considering the friends we made!
  •  1:00am – Head to Rosebar in Palermo, one of the most popular night clubs in Buenos Aires. Playlist is Top 40 Latin / Reggaton and the ambience inside is electric, with the club itself offering bottle service, 5,000 square feet of dance floor space and multiple bars. We left close to 4am and the party was just beginning.

Day 2

  • 12:30pm – Day trip to Uruguay. Hail a taxi and ask him to take you to the Buquebus ferry terminal in Puerto Madero. Buy a round trip ticket to Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay for $100 USD per person. Board the ferry and make the 50 minute trip to Barrio Historico known previously as a Portuguese colony. The quaint town is adorable, with its many alleyways and restaurants overlooking the southern Pacific Ocean. Buenos Aires is only ~30 miles away. This small town is really sort of a spectacle stuck in time, and is home to the ruins of an old castle and fort. We recommend making reservations at Charco Bistro for lunch. Spending 3 hours here for a day trip is certainly worth it. See below!
  •  6:00pm – Check out the town (Barrio) of Recoleta by having a coffee at La Biela, and spend time people watching in the main square. You are about 100 steps from the famous Recoleta cemetery, but the town itself is lined with upscale apartments, coffee shops and an outdoor flea market where the rich of Argentina tend to live. Apartments here are over 1,000 USD per month.
  • 9:00pm – Dinner at I Latina, Latin inspired tasting menu / wine pairing. The cuisine is a journey through South America and features an excellent filet mignon dish, three deserts, and a unique drip coffee experience to top it off. After three hours of dining, we are starting to realize that dinner takes up a significant portion of the day in Argentina! (Or if you do it our way I guess!)
  • 11:30pm – Cocktails at Victoria Brown, a unique speakeasy that requires walking through a wall in Palermo soho. Once inside, a very industrial feel with great cocktails and neat seating area in the back.
  • 1:30pm – Check out Isabel B. de Ferari, an artistic cocktail bar that has an outdoor patio / fireplace, and has a 3 to 1 ratio of beautiful Argentinian ladies to gentlemen. Grab a custom cocktail and sit outside by the fire if you can.

Day 3

  • 12:00pm – Visit La Recoleta Cemetery. Go see some of the largest, most impressive Moseleums honoring Argentinian elite including the tomb site of Eva Perez and several Argentinian presidents. 30 minutes here is more than enough, considering you are really in a graveyard!
  •  1:30pm – Head into San Telmo, and walk down la Calle Defensa. On Sunday the street is completely closed to vehicle traffic, and there you will find a mile long stretch of flea market where you’ll walk through more matte set vendors than you can imagine! The street is bustling with street performers, restaurants, antique shops, Argentinian bbq, and it’s simply a great time to spend a few hours.
  • 3:30pm – Lunch at Pulperia Quilapan, a splendid, cozy, outdoor, brick enclosed restaurant. This is an example of a Pulperia, originally known as an old general store where you can buy cheeses, meats, and bottles of wine. Have one of their house cocktails and Carne dishes as they have a firepit roasting beef outside.
  •  5:00pm – Take a taxi to La Boca and check out the bright-colored walls that line the houses of El Caminito. Said to be one of the best original spots for Tango, La Boca literally means the mouth, called as such given the location to the pier.
Quick Tip: The general area around here is very sketchy, and we recommend only taking a taxi to and from this area
  •  7:00pm – Be the first dinner seating at Don Julio, the beat steakhouse in Argentina. If you arrive at this time, there should be no problem getting a table without a reservation. The cuts of meat are fantastic and we had the sirloin (given preference for a less fatty cut of meat) and a Norton Reserve Malbec. The place is filled other more international tourists than we typically like to see, but a fantastic experience nonetheless.


  •  11:00pm – See a tango show! These can typically be organized through your hotel. We went to Esquina Carlos Gardel for an amazing show. After being provided with transportation to the venue in downtown, you are greeted with unlimited wine, sparkling water and coffee. The 1-hour performance is fantastic, and well worth the 90 USD per person price.


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