A Toast to Champagne

Coming to Reims has been on the top of our travel list. Here are a few tips on how to get by without a tour guide. 

  • 10:00am: Visit Tattinger the champagne house. Tattinger boasts a top notch cellar that stretches 2 kilometers underground with millions of bottles in storage. On this 45-minute tour, you’ll get to explore the deepest part of the cellar, measuring 18 meters underground and has been labeled a Unesco World Heritage site.  You should absolutely make a reservation in advance for a tour. Renown for quality and home of some of the most impressive cellars in the world. History dates back to the Roman empire, monks and World War II. 19024830_10213026250033410_332222963_o
  • 1:00pm: Head to the prosperous town of Épernay for an outdoor lunch and walk down Rue de Champagne, home to the big daddy of Champagne, Moët & Chandon, and its world famous brand, Dom Perignon. If you are going to tour a champagne house, this walk-through is a must. The cellars are beyond impressive, and the guides are incredibly knowledgeable. It will change the way you think about and open your next bottle of champagne! You will also learn the family history of Chandon and Moet and their legacy.   moet
  • 3:00pm: Head up briefly to the top of a village called Hautvillers. Dom Perignon, who was a monk born in the 17th century lived in this town. There are a few small champagne houses there, mostly family run, and a bar called Au 36 that is worth checking out. From the top of the hill, there is a magnificent view of the landscape of Épernay below. 19022659_10213026186991834_1456664816_o
  • 7:00pm: At sunset, you’ll want to stay in the city center of Reims, which is home to dozens of shops, the stunning Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims, many restaurants and excellent wine and champagne bars. While many were closed in March, some of the best to visit are Le Coq Rouge, a cozy little wine bar, L’Apostrophe, a bar that used to be an old printing press and where you can read while drinking a cocktail


  • 8:00pm: Have dinner at L’Alambic. Ideal for a more intimate dinner, it is family owned and the host will have you descend into a beautiful, vaulted cellar where the dining room is located. A few appetizers, desert and an entree for 2 along with cocktails will run you only about 60 EUR total. The deal is great, the ambience has fantastic. The modernly chic but cozy atmosphere makes this place feel unquestionably French.19073028_10213026255593549_1202387485_o

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